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Rice flour is used as a native starch in the production of low-fat mayonnaises and sauces, which contain an additional amount of water and must be bound to preserve the structure and consistency of the mayonnaise.
According to laboratory data, the stability of mayonnaise with a fat content of about 30-40%, in which rice flour is used, is 90%. Rice flour has no limits regarding maximum permissible concentration (MPC) or LD50, as it is a completely natural product that has not undergone any chemical treatment.

Structured sauces with rice flour do not have a starchy aftertaste, in mayonnaise prepared with the help of rice flour, all the nuances of the taste of other components are manifested. Rice flour does not contain vegetable proteins-gluten and is a dietary product. Therefore, mayonnaise, sauces and ketchups prepared using rice flour are considered dietary products.

Natural rice flour has a high moisture binding capacity and is used as an effective thickener in the production of ketchups, which prevents delamination. Rice flour is introduced at the stage of preparation of the dispersed system with intensive mixing.

Rice flour can successfully replace modified starches in low-fat sauces and ketchups. When rice flour is brewed, a thick, neutral-tasting mass (sauce) is obtained, with which various food components (meat, mushrooms, spices, etc.) are well combined. The products contained in the rice sauce are well preserved, which allows you to reduce the amount of vinegar added to preserve the product. Thus, in connection with the listed properties, it is possible to produce a large assortment of sauces for dietary and children's dishes. When using rice flour, the volume of the final product increases. At the same time, there is no starchy taste and no change in the taste of other components in the overall structure of the final product.

The price of natural rice flour is much lower than the price of modified starch. Unlike modified additives, rice flour is a natural product and ranks first among other types of cereal flour in biological value of protein and content of high-quality starch.

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